Due to Walking The Text’s focus on The Sacred Thread (thesacredthread.tv), the IBC will be paused in 2024.

2022 John: His Life, Legacy, & Last Words Digital Download

2022 John: His Life, Legacy, & Last Words Digital Download

Infusion Bible Conference
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This Digital Download includes all videos for the entire 2022 IBC - John: His Life, Legacy, & Last Words, hosted at Church of the City in Franklin, TN. It also includes a free PDF download of the Conference Notebook.

Each video is the full session from each day.

  • Session 1: Setting the Life of John in Time
    • Welcome
    • Setting the Life of John in Time
    • Faculty Introductions
    • The Principate from Augustus to Emperor Domitian
    • John in Israel
    • John in Asia
  • Session 2: Background & Context of Asia and Ephesus
    • Greek Settlement + How Asia Became Roman
    • Ephesus As a Christian Center
    • Ephesus: History and Makeup of the City
    • How Romans Thought of Themselves
    • Of Love and Thunder
    • Kosher Kid from Small Town Ends Up in Big, Gentile City
    • Transferable Skills
    • Last Man Standing
  • Session 3: John’s Gospel Literary Context of John
    • John 1: Logos and Philosophical Christology
    • John 2: Wedding at Cana
    • John 3: Nicodemus The Ambivalent Disciple
  • Session 4: John’s Gospel
    • John 4: Woman at the Well
    • John 5: An Incomplete Healing
    • John 6: Bread of Life Discourse
    • John 7: John’s Use of the Festivals
  • Session 5: John’s Gospel
    • John 11: Raising of Lazarus
    • John 13: John’s Passion Narrative and Upper Room
    • John 17: A Farewell Prayer
    • Victory in the Garden
  • Session 6: John’s Epistles
    • The Context of Traveling Teachers
    • The Legal Argument of 1 John
    • 1 John: Walk in the Light
    • 2-3 John: Leadership Matters a Great Deal
  • Session 7: John’s Revelation
    • The Persecution of the Christians Under the Roman Empire
    • Exile on Patmos
    • The Structure of Revelation
    • Reading Revelation Responsibly
  • Session 8: John’s Revelation 
    • Jesus to the Rescue! (Revelation 1)
    • Ephesus
    • Smyrna
    • Pergamum
  • Session 9: John’s Revelation
    • Thyatira
    • Sardis
    • Philadelphia
    • Laodicea
  • Session 10: Near and Dear to John’s Heart (and Ours)
    • John’s Focus on Love
    • You’re Just Here for the Bread
    • John and Heaven
    • What is That to You?

After purchase, you will receive a PDF download in email. It contains the necessary instructions to download the session videos. These are large files. A high-speed internet connection is strongly recommended as most files are around 2-3GB.

2022 PDF Notebook

This PDF notebook contains notes, resources, and recommended sources of each presentation from the 2022 IBC - John: His Life, Legacy, & Last Words. 

**Comes as a PDF download**