About IBC

The Infusion Bible Conference – IBC (formerly, The Institute of Biblical Context Conference) was launched in 2017 as a joint partnership between Doug Greenwold (of Preserving Bible Times) and Brad Gray (of Walking The Text) to create a 3-day event where people from all over the United States could get a crash course in studying the Bible in its original context.

Context is everything, and yet most people haven’t been taught how to engage the Bible in its original context. Which is why the IBC provides this 3-day learning experience where the 6 lenses of biblical context (history, culture, geography, visual settings, language, and literary design) are taught, so that by infusing the context into the Text, people can better understand and teach the Bible in all its vivid glory.

Each year a new topic is explored, and an expert faculty is gathered based on the topic to teach and instruct participants. This includes not only sharing their own unique insights into the context of God’s Word, but also their approaches to studying the Bible, their favorite study resources, and anything else they believe will help participants better understand and live out the truths of Scripture.

Past conference topics include: Jesus In His Context (2017), Shepherds, Flocks, and Kings (2018), and The Last Days of Jesus (2019).

And past faculty include: Dr. Gary M. Burge, Geoff Carroll, George DeJong, Brad Gray, Doug Greenwold, Danielle Parish, Dr. Cyndi Parker, Dr. Chad Pierce, Brad Nelson, Stacie Post, Dr. Randall Smith, and Rod & Libby VanSolkema.

Currently, this conference is only offered once a year, so we’d love to have you join us in beautiful West Michigan this June as we explore Paul and His Roman World.

Sadly, Doug will not be joining us as he passed away from cancer in 2019. But his passion and legacy live on. To God be the glory.