A 3-day event that teaches you how to study the Bible in its original context.

June 08-10, 2020

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Get trained in context
Get trained in context
Study the bible better
Study the bible better
Accelerate your faith
Accelerate your faith

Are Any of These True of You?

  • Do you want to study the Bible with greater confidence?
  • Do you desire to grow in your relationship with God?
  • Do you ever wonder if there’s more to the Bible than what you’re reading?
  • Would you like a year’s worth of content for your teaching, preaching, or Bible study?

If so, this conference is for you.

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2020 Conference:

"Paul and His Roman World"

Arguably the greatest missionary in human history, the Apostle Paul captivates the imagination. The way God used him to advance the message of Jesus was nothing short of remarkable. Nearly half of the New Testament is attributed to his work. Without his writings, much of our understanding of the Christian faith would be severely lacking.

But understanding Paul can be really difficult.

Many have a love-hate relationship with him. Okay, “hate” may be a bit harsh, but many struggle mightily with some of Paul’s teachings. The problem, however, isn’t with Paul. The problem is with us. We attempt to read Paul without an understanding of the world into which he was writing and operating. Context is everything, and yet, most of us haven’t been taught how to understand Paul within his Roman context. As a result, we misunderstand and misinterpret things he said, and also miss out on so much of what he was saying.

So how does one gain this critical learning? By attending this conference!

This 3-day event will help you encounter Paul in ways you’ve never experienced before. And your understanding of the Roman World will not only empower you to read Paul anew, but the rest of the New Testament as well, since it unfolded during the Roman Empire.

This is a live experience you won’t want to miss.

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Who is this conference for?

  • Followers of Jesus
  • Pastors
  • Priests
  • Professors
  • Bible Teachers
  • Bible Study Leaders
  • Missionaries
  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Seminary Students

As a pastor, what IBC offers is precisely the depth and sustenance I want to devour for myself, as well offer those I have the privilege to teach. The conference isn’t about getting people to come to church, but it’s about growing and equipping those who are the Church—which is a tremendous and much needed gift.

- Wally H.

The IBC conference is an amazing journey back to the time and culture the scripture was written into. The lights will go on about the meaning of scripture as you see it in its original context. However; IBC is not merely an intellectual exercise, you will fall more in love with our God and committed to His plans and purposes.

- Susan L.

As a student hungry to understand the Word of God more deeply, IBC has been formational to my understanding of scriptural context. Reading and studying the Bible has become more exciting than ever before. It was as if somebody took a black and white film and brought it to life with color!

- Ben M.


Brad Gray

Brad Gray

Founder and Executive Director of Walking The Text, author of “Make Your Mark,” trip leader to Israel and Turkey, studied at Jerusalem University College.

Extended Bio
Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson

Founding Pastor of Brick City Church (Ocala, FL), speaker, writer, facilitates study trips to Israel and Turkey.

Extended Bio
Stacie Post

Stacie Post

Campus Ministry at Grand Valley State University, Conference Worship Leader, trip leader to Israel, studied at Jerusalem University College.

Extended Bio
Randy Smith

Dr. Randy Smith

Founder of Great Commission Bible Institute and Christian Travel Study Programs, writer, trip leader to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Italy, studied at Hebrew University, Ecole Biblique, and Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies.

Extended Bio

Event Schedule

We’re going to cover a lot of ground in these 10 Sessions!
In order to keep you refreshed and energized, we’ve paced this conference well to give you the best experience.

  • Check-In 11:30-12:30
  • Session 1 12:30-2:00
  • Break 2:00-2:20
  • Session 2 2:20-3:50
  • Break 3:50-4:10
  • Session 3 4:10-5:30
  • Session 4 9:00-10:40
  • Break 10:40-11:00
  • Session 5 11:00-12:30
  • Lunch 12:30-2:00 (on your own)
  • Session 6 2:00-3:40
  • Break 3:40-4:00
  • Session 7 4:00-5:30
  • Session 8 9:00-10:40
  • Break 10:40-11:00
  • Session 9 11:00-12:35
  • Break 12:35-12:45
  • Session 10 12:45-1:30

Topics we'll cover

  • The “Gospel” of Jesus vs. the “Gospel” of Caesar
  • Paul’s Socially Bi-lingual (Greek and Jewish) Upbringing and Mission
  • Seven Characteristics of Being a Roman and Their Impact on Following Jesus
  • Paul’s Subversion of the Roman Household Code and Social Structure of the Empire
  • Design of Roman Cities and Paul’s Interaction with its Standardized Features (Theatre, Meat Market, Stadium, etc.)
  • Paul’s “Use of Language” Directly Linked to Greek and Roman Poets, Playwrights, Historians, and Philosophers
  • Paul’s Interactions with Roman Religion, Military Structure, and Slavery Practices
  • Emperor Worship and Paul’s Anti-Imperial Rhetoric
  • How God Used Paul’s Greek Tongue, Hebrew Heart, and Roman Mind to Strategically Draw Jew and Gentile into One New Humanity
  • Geography and Structures of Rome and Their Intersection with Paul’s Most Explosive Teachings
  • Roman View of the Afterlife and Paul’s Rebuttal
  • And so much more …
IBC2020 Noteboot

One of the massive benefits you’ll receive by attending the conference is the IBC Notebook (hands down, a crowd favorite). It contains outlines, notes, and sources for every presentation so you’ll be able to fully enjoy the presentations, get all the notes you need, and not have to scramble to write everything down. Past participants have commented that the notebook is worth the price of admission alone.

Conference Pricing

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$ 379
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$ 239
$ 185
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Conference Venue

Community Church 10376 Felch Street Zeeland, MI 49464 US view map

Conference Hotels

Hotel 1

Best Western Holland Inn & Suites

2888 W. Shore Dr., Holland, MI 49424

The conference group rate is $107.99 per night plus tax and includes a hot breakfast. Conference attendee must book room(s) by May 8, 2020 to get the conference rate.

Call (616) 994-0400 (be sure to mention conference name) or Book Online through the “BOOK NOW” link below.

This option is close to shopping, restaurants and the church venue.

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Hotel 1

Hampton Inn of Holland

12427 Felch St., Holland, MI, 494244

The conference group rate is $149 per night plus tax and includes a hot breakfast. Conference attendee must book room(s) by May 1, 2020 to get the conference rate.

To book a room, call (616) 399-8500 (be sure to mention conference name)

This option is close to shopping, restaurants and the church venue.

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