2019 Last Days of Jesus Video Bundle
2019 Last Days of Jesus Video Bundle

2019 Last Days of Jesus Video Bundle

Get the 2019 The Last Days of Jesus PDF Notebook for free with purchase
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This Bundle includes all 42 videos for the entire 2019 The Last Days of Jesus Conference "$150 Value." It also includes a free PDF download of the Conference Notebook ($49.95 value). This is a great deal you don't want to miss!


  • Teaching on Content and the Theme of the Conference 
  • Introduction of Faculty
  • Caesarea Phillipi 
  • Raising of Lazarus
  • Context of the Gospels
  • Zacchaeus and the Gospel For Us All
  • Parable of the Minas
  • Exodus & Passover Context
  • The Prophets & Palm Sunday
  • Cloaks
  • Palm Branches
  • Psalms (Songs Tap Into Stories
  • Tears
  • Rescue of the Demoniac **Bundle Exclusive**
  • Q & A (Rescue of the Demoniac) ** Bundle Exclusive**
  • Cleansing of the Temple (Confronting the Sadducees)
  • Cursing of the Fig Tree (Confronting Jewish Leadership)
  • Questioning Jesus' Authority (Confronting Priests & Elders)
  • Paying the Imperial Tax (Confronting Pharisees & Herodians)
  • Jesus Anointed at Bethany
  • The Last Supper Seating Protocol
  • Washing the Disciples' Feet
  • The New Covenant and Four Cups of Passover
  • The Fifth Cup
  • The Arrest
  • Judas
  • Jesus Before the Sanhedrin
  • Peter Disowns Jesus Thrice **Bundle Exclusive**
  • Pilate's Predicament
  • Q & A (from Day 2)  ** Bundle Exclusive**
  • Barabbas - The Federal Man Who Took Our Place
  • Flogging and Method of Crucifixion
  • Jesus' Final Words in Matthew, Mark & John
  • Jesus' Final Words in Luke
  • Tearing of the Curtain & Implications
  • The Resurrection according to John 20 **Bundle Exclusive**
  • The Resurrection First Witnessed by Women
  • The Road to Emmaus
  • Jesus Meets With His Disciples 
  • The Restoration of Peter
  • Planning the Passion to Perfection **Bundle Exclusive**
  • Closing Q & A (from day 3) **Bundle Exclusive**

2019 PDF Notebook

This PDF notebook contains 170 pages of notes, resources and recommended sources of each presentation from the 2019 The Last Days of Jesus Conference. 

**Comes as a PDF download**