Due to Walking The Text’s focus on The Sacred Thread (thesacredthread.tv), the IBC will be paused in 2024.

2021 Paul and His Roman World Digital Download

2021 Paul and His Roman World Digital Download

Infusion Bible Conference
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This Digital Download includes all videos for the entire 2021 IBC - Paul and His Roman World, hosted at Church of the City in Franklin, TN. It also includes a free PDF download of the Conference Notebook.

Each video is the full session from each day.

  • Session 1: A Clash of Kingdoms
    • Why We're All Here
    • Background on the Roman Empire
    • Paul's Background and Calling
    • A Clash of Kingdoms
  • Session 2: Overcoming the Same Problem
    • The Aeneid & The Roman Way
    • Views of Law
    • Forging a Christian Identity Between Jew and Gentile
  • Session 3: The Pattern
    • Q & A
    • What's in a Name?
    • How the Christians Challenged the System
  • Session 4: People of the Empire
    • People Snapshots
    • Four Types of Marriages
    • The Roman and Christian Household Code
  • Session 5: Slaves and Sexuality
    • Augustales and Slaves in the Roman World
    • Roman View on Sexuality
  • Session 6: Roman Religion and the Emperors
    • Roman Religion and Emperor Worship
    • Emperors of the NT and Their Biggest Problem
  • Session 7: Leisure Life
    • Q & A
    • Otium
    • Roman Baths
    • Pubs and Brothels
    • Walking the "Roman Street" in Ephesus
  • Session 8: Common Imagery
    • "My Domus is Your Domus"
    • Stadium and Chariot Races
    • Gladiator Contests and Beast Hunts
    • Land and Sea Travel
  • Session 9: Common Imagery cont.
    • Theatre
    • Macellum and Restaurants
    • The Triumph
  • Session 10: Near and Dear to Paul's Heart (and Ours)
    • Death, Hope, and Eternal Life
    • The Sanctity of Suffering
    • We are the Message

After purchase, you will receive a PDF download in email. It contains the necessary instructions to download the session videos. These are large files. A high-speed internet connection is strongly recommended as most files are around 2-3GB.

2021 PDF Notebook

This PDF notebook contains 155 pages of notes, resources, and recommended sources of each presentation from the 2021 Paul and His Roman World Conference. 

**Comes as a PDF download**