2018 Shepherds, Flocks and Kings DVD: Disc 2 (of 4)

2018 Shepherds, Flocks and Kings DVD: Disc 2 (of 4)

Infusion Bible Conference
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This DVD opens with personal reflections on sheep, goats, flocks and shepherding and ends with the faculty sharing their individual journeys in biblical context – when first exposed, how evolved, epiphany moments, lessons learned and wisdom to share. In between was the highly anticipated sharing of Psalm 23 contextual vignettes …

 Personal Reflections on Sheep, Goats, Flocks and Shepherding

  • Mahmoud and Me
  • Goat, Garbage and Psalms
  • The Sound of His Voice
  • The Importance of Sheepish Perspective

 Psalm 23 Contextual Vignettes

  • Green Pastures
  • Still Waters
  • Paths of Righteousness
  • Valley of the Shadow of Death
  • Anoint with Oil & My Cups Overflows
  • Chasing Me All the Days of My Life

 Sharing Individual Journeys in Biblical Context

  • 6 Faculty Presentations